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Examples of how a good front porch should be 2021


Front Porch

The courtyard appears as one of the architectural art works. It has been used very often in architecture from past to present. It is known that it is also used as an atrium in zoning. If we look at the dictionary meaning of the front porch, the front porch, which is also complementary to the building, is also known as a structure famous for its integrity that can be viewed from the front, back and side facades of a building. In other words, a front porch can also be defined as a large open or closed area, through which buildings remain connected. While designing the front porch, is aimed to make the residents independent from the outside but connected from the inside with the use of this area called front porch. There is no obligation to have a front yard in a building, yet it is most preferable among families with a high member number.

Front Porch Types

A front porch differed in history depending on the citizens’ understanding of social relations and of privacy areas of their cultures. On the other hand, the front porch can be built in various buildings or areas such as gardens, farms and ceremonies according to its purpose. The front porch called can be divided into two. One front porch, called the inner front porch is usually located in the central part of the building. The other front porch also known as the outer front porch is the place reserved for official welcoming and ceremonies. Another name of this front porch is ‘the court of honor’. A front porch created in the middle of a building is totally optional and can add extra aesthetic to remind the old ancient time Rome buildings.

Purpose of the Front Porch

By creating a front porch in the building, interior areas are created in where the family can comfortably benefit from the open air without even going out of the building. It is a private area for the householders where many activities may be made. This type of area, namely the front porch was mostly used by big families that prefer to live in separate buildings but share a common area where they can spend time altogether. The front porch adds also a harmonious atmosphere since it has kept its aesthetic appearance coming from the ancient times. It has been mostly used in the ancient times and examples of front porch can be seen in Rome/Italy.



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