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Best Patio Examples for Your Home 2021


Patio Designs

A patio may be constructed attached to a structure or detached as a landscape feature. The patio is installed by using natural stone concrete pavers or poured concrete as the basic surface. It can be constructed on a higher surface than the land itself or at the equal stage. A patio is mostly constructed as an airy and open to the sky patio. By the construction of a patio it is important to plan the activities that are going to be performed in the patio. For instance, the actions of dining, enjoying coffee with a beautiful view and fresh air, and entertainment can be performed in patios. Patios can be constructed of a wide range of materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, glass, and bricks. Another kind of patio materials is the acrylic. Different patios can be installed according to your desire and purpose of usage.

Patio Ideas – Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar patio can be a gorgeous entertainment that will allow you to spend the warm summer evenings enjoying cool beverages and the beautiful sun. Although this patio idea seems to be luxurious and expensive by using cheap materials such as cement blocks and wood boards a cheaper bar experience can be provided. An addition of outdoor chairs or stools at counter-height and an umbrella to complete the setup will make your bar experience long lasting.

Patio Ideas - Outdoor Bar

Patio Ideas – Cozy Patio

In order to create a solitary spot for spending time with yourself or keep a quiet conversation with your partner, a cozy patio is what you need. To create a perfect cozy patio, you just need a few cushy chairs and pillows. A table for resting drinks or books with small decorations such as candles and led lights will complete your cozy patio.

Patio Ideas - Cozy Patio

Patio Ideas – Peaceful Patio

For a peace giving patio, neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and plentiful plantings that match your relaxing patio material and entertaining needs can be added. Furniture that has a harmonious and smooth transition will make the patio more peaceful than ever.

Patio Ideas - Peaceful Patio

Patio Ideas – Elegant Patio

A more refined look to the patio can be created by the upgrade of the patio with elegant furniture and colors. Architectural and geographical sharp shapes and contrasting colors can be used to create an elegant atmosphere. In addition, mirrors can create a luxurious appearance to your elegant patio. Metallic finishes or the combination of wood and metallic materials are making the patio look more fancy.

Patio Ideas - Elegant Patio

Patio Ideas – Brick Patio

A brick patio is a patio that s built with the brick as material. The brick is one of the most popular materials for any kind of construction and it has been used for many buildings, patios or pavers throughout history. The brick patio is extremely durable against bad weather conditions. The brick patio material is a both stylish and low cost material. Brick has long been seen as the “working man” of the building blocks. Apart from its durability it is both a long-lasting material for practice and decoration. Bricks have a legendary quality and attractive color options. Brick patio is a great option for patio lovers that are looking for a functional and stylish appearance. The brick patio will add a welcoming future to your entrance or to your backyard. A brick patio is aesthetically versatile, easily applicable, and affordable. The brick has a natural formal look with many color, pattern, and application options. The brick patio will not need the same amount of care as it is needed in other material constructed patios. This is one of the reasons why most of the patio lovers prefer a brick patio.

Patio Ideas - Brick Patio

The Installation of Brick Patio

A brick patio can be made by the householder himself or by an experienced professional installation team. Brick patio can be installed in different patterns. The change in the pattern only affects the look of the brick patio. The function will be same regardless of the surface form and pattern of the brick patio. One of the most used patterns in brick patio is the decorative and eye-catching basket weave pattern that is easy applicable. In the installation of a square or rectangular patio no cuts are needed. Thus, it is easier to apply. While creating a brick patio a sand or gravel foundation must be set in order to create a perfect foundation for the brick patio.

Brick Patio

Brick Patio Costs

Bricks are not expensive materials when comparing to other patio materials. The brick prices may increase according to their quality, texture and the color of the brick. In addition, the size of the desired brick patio is another factor that affects the brick prices. In order to install a durable and stylish brick patio, high quality products must be used and a specialist and experienced installation team must be arranged. A wide range exploration and research must be done for the best results.

Brick Patio

Wooden Patio Designs

Wooden patio designs are one of the most stylish changes you can make in your patio. Compared to an ordinary patio covered with concrete or tiles, a wooden patio has strong potential to change the whole atmosphere of a house. With the wooden patio design and stylish furniture, you can enjoy every season without being affected by the harmful effects of the sun in the summer. Moreover, wooden patio designs are not as expensive and difficult to build as it is thought. The wooden patio designs will reflect the warmth of the wood to your spaces, allowing you to feel comfortable and peaceful inside. The construction of the wooden patio plays a crucial role in terms of stability and durability in order not to encounter different problems later.

The Metal/Aluminum Patio Designs

The Metal/Aluminum Patio Designs are mostly preferred by those who want an electronically moveable patio shade that can be adjusted according to the weather conditions. These patio designs are durable and create a modern futuristic atmosphere in your patio. If you are looking for patio designs that are both functional and modern, the metal/aluminum patio designs are the perfect patio designs for you. It keeps the hazardous sun beam away in the summer and the wind, rain, and snow away in winter. The patio shade can be adjusted with a controller. Thus, the functionality of these patio designs increase.

The Metal/Aluminum Patio Designs

The Glass Patio Designs

The glass patio designs offer you the opportunity of the overall observation. The patio that is covered with glass gives you an outdoor atmosphere while protecting you from any harmful weather conditions. These glass patio designs are easy to use and to be cleaned. With the combination of the right decorations, a smooth and stylish patio can be designed. It provides the same protection as the wooden and iron patio design but its durability depends on the quality of the material used.

The Glass Patio Designs

Wouldn’t you like to have a kitchen on your patio? A fireplace and barbecue in suitable conditions for the outdoors are a great idea. Keep in mind.

patio outdoor fireplace ideas

If you have a house with such a great view, all you have to do is set up a wooden veranda suitable for nature. Then it is up to you to enjoy the wonderful taste of nature.

wooden patio furniture

Wouldn’t you like to use your patio in winter? To do this, all you have to do is turn it into a conservatory. In this way, you can capture unique pleasant moments in your warm winter garden while the snow is falling.

glass patio

In another winter garden, this is also a slightly cozy winter garden. You can set up such a veranda, if it’s a decoration that suits your style.

cozy glass patio

You can do something yourself for your patio. A wooden pallet table is a great idea! Next to it, I think a lemon tree will take the environment to a completely different dimension.

patio decor inspiration

This is a view from the unique view of the Norwegian coast. I hope you will like this balcony, which has a simple and stylish design.

patio table



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