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14 Beautiful and you can do pergola patio design models 2021


pergola patio ideas

Pergola Patio

The word pergola is derived from the word ‘pergule’, which means fringe in Latin. Pergola, which is used in the meaning of Italian canopy, is the awning process that is made to create a shade area by closing the openings horizontally, twisted and in the form of a roof. The Pergola Patio is a patio that is covered with a pergola awning.

The Usage of the Pergola Patio

Pergolas, which act as sunshades in particular, are the most important systems that protect the furniture, the people, and flowers and pets from the sun in summer. In addition, the claw with its retractable ceiling and waterproof feature also protects it from the rain in winter. The pergola patio gives you the opportunity to enjoy your garden and outdoor space in winter by covering the patio sides with glass or other waterproof materials. The pergola patio is also a system that caters for those who are interested in winter gardens. The pergole patio is designed in accordance with all weather conditions and it is used to create spaces that can be used in all seasons. The pergola patio can be mostly seen in villas and houses that are surrounded with a lot of land.

The Construction of the Pergola Patio

The pergola patio should be made by specialist companies and is considered to be a troublesome system. In the pergola patio system construction, the installation is a very important aspect. The pergola ratio can be made using various materials such as wood and iron that are waterproof and durable. The quality of wood is of great importance if wood material is chosen for the construction of pergola patio. The area to be shaded should be designed according to the pergola. The material of the pergola patio is mostly preferred as wood since it has a harmonious natural appearance. In the creation of a durable pergola patio, trees such as cedar, redwood and Russian pine are mostly used. The most durable tree type for the construction of pergola patio is the teak tree wood with a long life of 50 years.

The Features of Pergola Ratio

As it is mentioned above, the pergola patio can be made of various materials. Apart from the wood ones, the ones made out of aluminum and irons are popular and desired as well. Today, retractable pergolas with a light system are applied in many businesses or private pergola patio of individuals.
The main advantages of this system are;
•It offers visual richness with the possibility of lighting in different colors and models,
•It can be easily used with an automation system,
•Thanks to its easy opening and closing feature, it is easy to clean,
•It helps to provide heat insulation in the environment,
•It is very robust thanks to durable Aluminum material.

pergola patio ideas

Black pergola patio ideas

black pergola model, a great look and simple elegance in your home. You can choose a black metal pergola for an indispensable summer evening pergola.


pergola patio ideas

Automatic pergola roof

With the automatic pergola roof, you can turn it into an airy space in summer and a winter garden in winter with a single click.

pergola patio ideas

wood pergolas

wooden pergolas are very trendy lately! This model pergola, which you can easily make, will add a different atmosphere to your garden. If you wish, you can reach such pergolas ready-made.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola patio covers

Do not worry if your backyard is small, you can create a great sitting area when you set up such a pergola and a matching table underneath.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola patio covers designs

You see a wonderful pergola, you can place pillows, carpets, whatever you don’t use at home, in this area. By covering the roof of the pergola with a straw material, a summer outdoor seating area has been created.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola kitchen and bar

If you have a large house with a backyard, this is exactly what you need. Outdoor kitchens are very popular in recent years, and they are useful. We thought we’d leave an example for you to remember.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola patio extension

If you want to add a pergola patio extension to your backyard, this is how you can complete it. A simple and elegant example for a small garden. All you have to do is make a great sitting area with a table and a chair.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola patio lighting ideas

Lighting your pergola patio is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. Although there are many ideas for this, it can satisfy you more in sequential chain lighting.

pergola patio ideas

Bohemian pergola

Bohemian pergola style, usually wood and soft colors, is a wonderfully peaceful pergola model.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola backyard ideas

How about making a small and useful pergola in your backyard? You can cover it with a metal awning and complete it with a stylish outdoor seating group.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola lights outdoor

You can use solar lamps for outdoor pergola lighting, but choosing lamps in this way will create a visual feast.

pergola patio ideas

Pergola extension ideas

If you have a wooden house and space is available, you can extend it with a wooden pergola, and you can spend pleasant summer evenings outdoors.pergola patio ideas



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